To get so much exposure to
such huge contracts so early
is career gold.

Opportunities aplenty

Alongside all the permanent and temporary roles you’d expect, we have a range of opportunities for you to work with us. We call these entry routes.

We’re passionate about better lives for the people of Essex. And for us, that means employing a diverse workforce, drawing on the different values and experiences that not only reflect the communities that we serve, but make us a better performing organisation.

Whether you are just starting to think about your career options, searching for your first job, want to gain professional qualifications, you’re looking for a change of career or to return to work following a break, our entry-to-work routes aim to support everyone.

However you join us, we’ll tailor to the process, ensuring we support you in a way that works for you. And it doesn’t stop there…once you become part of the team, we’ll work hard to ensure the right opportunities are available so you develop and grow,  and take ownership of your future with us.

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