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Life-long learners

Learning at Essex County Council is not a one-off event, it’s a continual process that evolves as you develop. Our focus is on supporting you – and every member of the team – to become a life-long learner.

A learning organisation

We are committed to building an organisation which enables every one of us to be the best we can be. We want to ensure that in our organisation learning is work and work is learning.

You’re in control

Learning is integrated with all the work we do. Every member of our organisation takes ownership of their own development. You’ll be the same.

We don’t just offer formal programmes either. A wide range of support is available. This includes: 

  • A large suite of online training and tools 
  • Dedicated learning events such as ‘LearnFest’ – our flagship annual celebration of learning
  • Apprenticeships for both new and existing colleagues
  • Financial support to achieve professional qualifications 
  • Support from subject matter experts  
  • The opportunity to share your own expertise to up-skill colleagues 
  • Leadership and executive coaching 
  • Learning on demand 
  • Career pathways 


Learning is truly powerful when it’s embedded in everyday work – when it comes from having and sharing direct experiences.

This is the reason we created LearnFest. We made learning a social occasion, where people come together to learn and celebrate. It was a week that really stood out from traditional training activities.

2019 saw the first Learnfest. We delivered five days of learning, across eight locations. There were 204 sessions (111 of which were delivered by internal staff). We ‘sold’ 2,145 tickets, and received fantastic feedback from colleagues, external guests and partners.

There were launch events, market places, competitions, games and online learning. Not to mention debates, masterclasses, skills swaps, coaching, interest/hobby and taster sessions and senior manager insights.

External speakers and providers helped all of us learn something new – around health and wellbeing, exercise and other great topics.

This year, LearnFest 2020, went virtual and what an incredible event it was.  Watch for yourself to see what we got up to.

Pay and Reward
Seeing the impact your work has here – honestly, it’s good for the soul.